Block 4
Block 3Block 4Border and Cornerstones in Gold_1Center 4 Blocks with flowersCenter Back_1Center Block_1Center Front_1.Country Denim Shirt back_1Country Denim Shirt front_1Gift of Roses_1Key 1 & 17_1Key 3 & 19_1Key 5 & 21_1Key 7 & 23_1Key 9 & 25_1Key 11 & 27_1Key 13 & 29_1Key 15 & 31_1Left Block_1New fussy cut Blk 1_1New fussy cut Blk 2_1Piano Keyboard Bottom and Top_1Piano Keyboard Left and Right_1Quilt a Lot Academy 2012_1Qult a Lot Back_1Right block_2_1Romance in Pink and Green_1Vintage Quilted Pillow_1

Judi Archibald’s


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