Ask Jenny

This page is dedicated to YOU! All you have to do is ask the question and I will give you the answer. I never consider any question silly or irrelevant, if it is important to you, then it is to me also. I want you to think of me, and this page as your HELP MENU when it comes to sewing, embroidery and quilting.

The questions and answers will be left up on the site, so others can benefit from your question and answer. I will also add some special tips for everyone, along with tips from Simon, who now has been in our industry for well over 10 years and has not only vast knowledge, but class experience as well.

Simon and I do intend to do a Back 2 Basics Boot Camp (B2BBC) which is geared for the ‘Senseless Sewer’ whether a rank beginner or a more experienced sewer/embroiderer/quilter. This course will cover all aspects of sewing – remember Knowledge/Education is the power to control your machine with ease and confidence!

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