Jenny’s Technique Quilt Special Edition


Jenny has always loved to play with her sewing machine ‘Jenny’s Techniques Quilt’ extends the creative possibilities of your machine. It is designed to teach you the decorative sewing side of your machine and showcase the effects you can achieve using decorative stitching, different feet and needles. Along with this JTQ show cases the many fabric, embroidery and machine artistry techniques that are achievable with just a sewing machine. The decorative embroidery on this quilt are added after the eight blocks are completed and the quilt pieced and teaching you different and additional techniques. Each block can be used individually (as well as being pieced into the quilt) enlarged or extended to be made into pillows, a table runner, a purse and garments.

Immediately after purchase, you will be able to download and save all the files to your computer so you can have them in your sewing library forever.