Margaret’s Magnificent Melody


Margaret is a special friend of Jenny and Simon’s and this design is named in her honor. This glorious collections of luscious three-dimensional large flowers (in three sizes) along with grasses, wheat and bugs, bees and butterflies will remind you of a field of flowers, gently nodding in a summer breeze, with the bees sipping the nectar of the flowers and the butterflies floating on the wind currents. This design is digitized with a running stitch fill, which is different to Jenny’s usual long and short stitch. The flowers make a perfect fashion statement when worn on a hat, dress, hand bag or belt but are equally as spectacular when embroidered on a stunning back pillow, lamp shade and any other home decor item not to mention quilts – Margaret’s Magnificent Medody, design is a must for the designing machine artist.

Immediately after purchase, you will be able to download and save all the files to your computer so you can have them in your sewing library forever.