Peaches’ Purses


Jenny and Simon’s Peaches’ Purses design has taken over six months to produce and is simply amazing. The inspiration for this embroidery collection was a unique Candy Wrapper purse Simon brought Jenny home from Mexico several years ago. This purse was a show stopper, conversation starter and admired by both men and women and why not an embroidered series of this wonderful concept and only take it further?

Peaches’ Purses designs are multi-formatted and uses single hooping designs for a minimum hoop size of 200mm x 265mm and multi-hooping designs (designated with a part ‘A’ and ‘B’) for a minimum hoop size of 200mm x 140mm. There are six different embroidery design concepts (ten design elements in each concept) to make a collection of five different styled purses, glasses case, coin purse and phone case in each embroidery design concept. Think on this the creative possibilities are endless!!!

  1. Interlocking Circles : Designs: PP01 to PP11
  2. Cubes: Designs: PP12 to PP22
  3. Candy Wrapper fill stitch – Designs: PP23 to PP33
  4. Candy Wrapper satin stitch – Design PP34 to PP44
  5. Flowers – Designs: PP45 to PP55
  6. Swirls, four-colour option – Designs: PP56 to PP66
  7. Swirls, two-colour option – Designs: PP67 to PP077

There are five different ways to put the purses together:

  • Kayly’s triangle flap purse with ‘bagged’ lining
  • Kayly’s triangle flap purse with fabric gussets and base
  • Sam’s glasses and mobile phone case and coin purse,
  • Robbie’s large embroidered sides, base and handle purse (with or without flap)
  • Jenny’s large fabric gussets and base purse with scalloped flap

Immediately after purchase, you will be able to download and save all the files to your computer so you can have them in your sewing library forever.